Here you can find helpful information about the city's trash removal and recycling program.  If you have any questions please contact city hall at 573-431-3700.

Trash Pickup Information

The City of Desloge provides residential waste collection at a cost of $14.42 per month for one (1) 96-gallon trash cart, or $20.60 per month for two (2) 96-gallon trash carts to all residents. Commercial pick up will be provided to those business that can operate on one (1) 96-gallon cart at a cost of $19.57 per month, or $25.75 per month for two (2) 96-gallon carts. The trash will be collected once each week. Monday pickup is in the area primarily east of School Street to US 67. Tuesday pickup is primarily in the area west of School Street to Parkside Street.  Wednesday pickup is in the extreme western sections of Desloge, extreme eastern section of Desloge, and the area north of Desloge Drive.

Trash Cart Policy
Every residential solid waste account will be assigned one roll-out trash cart, provided at no charge, by the City of Desloge. This cart shall be numbered and assigned to that specific address. Residents who lose possession of their cart will have another provided by the City of Desloge and pay a $85.00 replacement charge on their next utility bill.
The assigned carts shall not be modified (example: lid removed), altered (example: holes drilled in the bottom) or otherwise damaged (example: painted or defaced). Problems with the condition of individual carts shall be immediately reported to the Public Works Director. Damage to carts will result in a $85.00 replacement charge on their next utility bill.
Residents will exclusively use their assigned cart and all their garbage must be placed in the address's assigned cart in order to be picked up for that week. City employees will not pick up loose garbage or garbage placed in other containers. All trash must be bagged to be collected. All cardboard boxes must be broken down and placed beside the cart. Carts may not be "shared" among multiple addresses.           
Commercial pick-up will be limited to no more than two (2) 96 gallon carts. The first cart will be free of charge; however, businesses that require a second cart, will pay a one-time charge of $85.00 along with the prescribed monthly fee for service. There will be NO pickup of loose garbage or garbage placed in other containers. Businesses that regularly exceed this limit will be required to contract with commercial trash service.
There are exceptions to this policy. Physical conditions exist at a small number of addresses where residents cannot physically handle the carts due to hills, steps, etc. In addition, there are some residents, due to medical or other special circumstances that simply cannot accommodate the cart system. These residents need to contact the Director of Public Works to request an accommodation at (573) 431-1094, to be reviewed and approved for special accommodation.


Whenever a holiday (listed below) falls on your trash day, the pickup will be the following day.  If your trash day is not on a holiday, the pickup will remain the same. The exception will be if a holiday falls on a Thursday, the collection will be the day prior (Wednesday).

News Years Day

MLK Jr. Day
President's Day

Good Friday (no Friday route)

Truman Day
Memorial Day

July 4th
Labor Day

Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day and Friday following (no Friday route)
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Recycling Bins - The City of Desloge provides recycling service for the following items:  ​Recycling service is suspended at this time!

FIBER - Includes Newspaper and all inserts, Magazines, Junk Mail, Catalogs, Phone Books, Office/School/Scrap paper, Computer/Copy paper, Envelopes, Corrugated Cardboard boxes (appliance, shipping, pizza boxes, etc.), Chipboard (cereal/food, gift/shoe, drink/soda)

Please flatten all boxes, Remove all plastic liners.  Do not include glass items.

DO NOT LEAVE - Used tissues, paper towels, napkins, plastic bags.

CONTAINERS - Steel/tin cans (Veg. / fruit / coffee / pet food / etc.) * Gable top containers (wax coated juice/milk) * #s 1-5 and #7 Plastic, Natural / Colored / Clear (milk / water / soda / juice / soap / detergent / bleach / butter tubs / etc.)

Please - Rinse all containers  * Remove all lids * Labels are fine.
DO NOT LEAVE - Aerosol cans / paint cans / aluminum foil trays / oil or automotive containers / chemical / pesticide containers / plastic or produce bags / #6 styrofoam.

GLASS - Bottles and jars are accepted by the transfer station but only if you want to separate and drop off. We are not picking up glass at this time. Otherwise they can be included in the regular household trash.

DO NOT LEAVE - Pyrex, ceramics, crockery, mirrors, dishes

Recycling is Single Stream - Except for glass items, you do not have to sort items into seperate containers.  If you need recycling bins, please contact city hall at 573-431-3700.

The St. Francois County Environmental Corporation (SFCEC) has a website with plenty of helpful information on recycling, accepted materials, hours of operation, and more.

Recycling & Trash

City of Desloge