Full-Time Chief Water Operator – City of Desloge

The City of Desloge (a 4th class city) is seeking applicants for a full-time Chief Water Operator. The Chief Water Operator works directly under the supervision of the City Administrator. He/She is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the public water supply for the City of Desloge.

General responsibilities include, but not limited to: directing and establishing procedures for the efficient operation of the water department; responsible for all the upkeep and management of department equipment, the department budget, and the supervision and safety of personnel and equipment.

Job duties include, but not limited to: perform basic laboratory tests and analysis; collection of water samples to send off for laboratory analysis; adjusting process controls; adjust chemical dosage as needed; perform routine maintenance; repair service leaks; repair water main breaks; installation of water meters; address customer concerns, complaints, and resolve issues; order supplies and equipment; participates in special projects and other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications: high school diploma or GED; minimum of Level 2 Water Distribution license; minimum of three (3) to five (5) years of direct experience; possess computer skills; knowledge of SCADA and CAD systems; knowledge of well operation and well maintenance, knowledge of hydraulics and working electrical components (such as boosters or high lift pumps) is a plus.

Plus for the candidates who possess Certification or Associate’s Degree from an accredited college in Water System Technology or a closely related field. Salary range will start out from $42,000- $48,000 plus benefits. Applications are at Desloge City Hall, 300 N Lincoln, Desloge, Missouri or online at www.desloge.com.  In addition, a resume will need to accompany the required application and copies of college transcripts if applicable.  Deadline for applications will be March 29, 2019 at 4pm.  The City of Desloge is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The City of Desloge is accepting applications for the following “seasonal” part-time positions:

Lifeguard(s):  Under the general Supervision of the Pool Manager, and must have current Red Cross Certifications.  Duties include:  Monitoring all pool activities and assisting patrons.  Starting wage is $8.40 (and up), based on experience.

Pool Concessions:  Under the general supervision of the Pool Manager.  Duties include:  Collection of admission fees and receiving payments for sales of concessions.  Starting wage is $8.10 (and up), based on experience.

Desloge Community Baseball Umpire(s):  Under the general supervision of the Desloge Community Baseball League Manager.  Must have knowledge of general baseball rules.  Duties include:  Officiate games for the Desloge Community Baseball League.  The position pays $25.00 per game.
Interested applicants should pick-up and return an application for employment to Desloge City Hall, 300 North Lincoln Street.  Application are also available at www.desloge.com.  Applications for the Pool Manager, Assistant Pool Manager and Desloge Community Baseball Manager are due by 2/22/2019 at 4:00 pm.  Applications for Lifeguards, Pool Concessions and Umpires are due by 3/29/2019 at 4:00 pm.  EOE.


City of Desloge