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Information and news of The Desloge Sun "On-line" is derived from The Desloge Sun is a quarterly publication of the City of Desloge, Missouri.  The title of this community newsletter was inspired by its distinction in history as the name of the "only newspaper to ever be published in the town of Desloge."  The following is an excerpt from Desloge, Missouri and Surrounding Area, by Mr. Dave Darnell (available at the City of Desloge Public Library) detailing the history of The Desloge Sun (1907-1925):

The Desloge Sun is the only newspaper to ever be published in the town of Desloge.  The first paper was published on August 3, 1907 in a small building on the north side of Oak Street between Main and Lincoln.

Mr. Frank Abernathy, who was out of work because of a cutback in the area's mining operations purchased a small armory press from his employer.  Then Abernathy found a local politician who believed in advertising and obtained $200, which he used to order a type foundry, a small powered pearl jobber press, and a few cases of type.  However, when the equipment arrived he found that he had no money to pay the freight.

He then took a dozen blank receipts and found enough people with faith in his project to buy subscriptions so that he could pay the freight.  He also was able to find eight men to help him set up the equipment.

Thus began the history of The Desloge Sun, which later was sold to Mr. C.E. Abshier; who subsequently sold the newspaper to Mr. W.L. Bouchard, in who then sold it to Mr. S.C. Woodruff, and later reclaimed ownership.  

On June 23, 1925, Mr. Bouchard, having recently purchased the Leadbelt News made the announcement that The Desloge Sun would cease publication.

The Desloge Sun assumes a new life as the community newsletter, a publication of the City of Desloge.  Mailed to residents, and posted here, to facilitate better communication of events, happenings and news.  Each issue will include articles of local interest and issues of concern within the City of Desloge.


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