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July 24 - Blood Drive. City Hall @ 2-6pm.

July 29 - Municipal Court.  City Hall @ 4pm.

August 5 - Election Day.

August 11 - Board of Aldermen. City Hall @ 7pm.

August 12 - Municipal Court.  City Hall @ 4pm.

August 26 - Municipal Court. City Hall @ 4pm.

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Water Service Customers: If you are experiencing problems with your water service, please call 573-431-3700.

Emergency after hours call Central Dispatch at 431-3131.

Inquiries may also be sent to deslogewater@gmail.com.

Website Support:
If you are experiencing difficulty viewing this website, or have a content suggestion email us at deslogeadm@sbcglobal.net


We welcome you to where the "Good Life" is... Desloge, Missouri.  A proud community established in 1941, with delightful residential areas, beautiful parks, and bustling shopping spaces, there's something for everyone in Desloge.  Now that you've found us on the world wide web, we hope to meet you in person soon!

The Desloge Municipal Court will be holding a Warrant Day on Saturday June 14, 2014 from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm.  On this day, if you have an active warrant with the following cities: Bonne Terre, Desloge, Leadington or Leadwood you will need to appear at Desloge Municipal Court.

By bringing in a payment of $100 cash or money order, your warrant will be pulled.  You will sign a new payment agreement and you will begin a new payment plan.

If you have not plead on your charges or you have missed a court date, you may also appear on this date, your warrant will be pulled and the court will set a new court date for you to appear.

The City of Desloge, Missouri, will accept proposals for a Bank Depository Contract until June 13, 2014.  Sealed Bid Bank Depository Proposals must be submitted no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 13, 2014 at the office of the City Clerk at 300 North Lincoln, Desloge, Missouri, 63601.  The bids will be opened at that time.  Bid proposal packets are available for download here.

Make your court and utility payments ONLINE

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Follow the links to learn about Desloge, Missouri

The Contact Us link includes the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and various Department Heads, plus contact numbers for each.

Our Information page tells you more about Recreation, Community and Health Services, and Education in Desloge.

Whether it's new construction, an addition or remodeling project, a new yard fence or pool, you may need to contact our Building Department.  You can find some basic information on our Building Department page.

The City of Desloge offers several wonderful green spaces and recreational opportunities.  From a place to play ball to a place for a family gathering, Desloge has something for you.  Find out more by following the Parks & Recreation link.

Desloge has enjoyed a rich and prosperous History.  Here you can read more about our past.

Finally, I can spell Desloge, how do I say it?  Desloge is pronounced Duh-low-zuh.

Where is Desloge?  You found us on the world wide web, click on the thumbnails below to find us on the map!


Desloge, Missouri

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